Argyle Diamond Analytics

Argyle Diamond Analytics exclusive to Argyle Diamond Investments is an independently audited data driven reporting system. The system was designed to statistically evaluate every diamond that has been certified and inscribed with a unique number by the Argyle minesince formal records have been kept. The system categorizes the diamonds exact specifications by colour, size, shape and clarity. With this information it is possible to calculate the rarity value of any Australian pink or blue diamond. This traceable rarity is a very important factor to consider when investing, especially after the Argyle mine closes.

How Argyle Diamond Analytics works:

Argyle Diamond Analytics Rarity Report uses the unique Argyle inscription / certificate number to statistically analyse your diamonds rarity. The rarity report categorizes the exact number of identically matched diamonds that have been certified / inscribed by the Argyle diamond mine since historical records began.

Argyle Diamond Analytics valuation report is the worlds only standardised valuation system that accurately appraises the value of an Australian pink or blue diamond. By using the unique Argyle inscription number accompanied by the international grading report (GIA – GSL – IGI), the valuation report precisely calculates the current market value.

Argyle Diamond Analytics annual profit report will give you the exact price increase (in percentage) on your individual diamond. The profit report is based on historical Argyle mine quarterly allocation price increases and it allows you to forecast the potential future growth.

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Since 1985 approximately 90% of global production of natural pink diamonds have been extracted from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. However, only a select number of these pink diamonds are retained and polished by the Argyle mine. The rest are sent to auction and sold as ‘seconds’ because they don’t make the high standards required by the Argyle brand.

The other 10% of pink diamonds mined and sold globally that are not from the Argyle mine are predominantly from Africa, India and Brazil, with a small amount of Pink-Purple extracted from mines in Canada and Russia.

All pink diamonds fall into two DNA classes, Type Ia and Type IIa. Australian pink diamonds are predominantly Type Ia and all others are predominantly Type IIa. According to extensive research by the GIA when considering purchasing a natural pink diamond, the best option is a rare Type Ia Pink Diamond from the Argyle mine; as these diamonds exhibit the unique qualities to look for in an investment. The relative rarity of such pink diamonds results in a premium that can be placed upon an Australian Pink Diamond. The best colour grades to consider are Pink Rose (PR), Purplish Pink (PP) and Pink (P) (Argyle grades 1 to 6 PR/PP/P) since these have definite pink hue visible to the naked eye. When considering the shape of a diamond for investment it is wise to prefer traditional fancy cuts such as asscher, emerald, oval, pear, marquise, radiant, cushion, heart, princess and round brilliant shape diamonds, as these are considered more desirable, are better known and may return a greater profit over a non-traditional modified fancy shapes.

When reviewing the change in value of a natural pink diamond over time; according to the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), natural pink diamonds without official Argyle certification have only increased in value by a 1% in the past five years and all of that was in 2019. This statistic is significant when compared to the 18.6% average increase in value for comparable Argyle certified diamonds in 2019. It should be no surprise then that certified Australian pink diamonds are the preferred choice as a tangible investment. Argyle certified pink diamonds have outperformed the Australian All Ordinaries Index and the trends in the Australian property market. With the Argyle mine closing in 2020 and a limited supply of this beyond rare commodity a pink diamond from the Argyle mine is truly the ultimate limited edition.