Australian Pink Diamond Analytics

Australian Pink Diamond Diamond Analytics exclusive to Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd is an independently audited data driven reporting system. The system was designed to statistically evaluate every diamond that has been certified and inscribed with a unique number by the diamond minesince formal records have been kept. The system categorizes the diamonds exact specifications by colour, size, shape and clarity. With this information it is possible to calculate the rarity value of any Australian pink or blue diamond. This traceable rarity is a very important factor to consider when investing, especially after the diamond mine closes.

How Australian Buy Pink Diamond Analytics works:

Pink Diamond Analytics Rarity Report uses the unique inscription / certificate number to statistically analyse your diamonds rarity. The rarity report categorizes the exact number of identically matched diamonds that have been certified / inscribed by the diamond mine since historical records began.

Australian Pink Diamond Analytics valuation report is the worlds only standardised valuation system that accurately appraises the value of an Australian pink or blue diamond. By using the unique diamond inscription number accompanied by the international grading report (GIA – GSL – IGI), the valuation report precisely calculates the current market value.

Australian Pink Diamond Diamond Analytics annual profit report will give you the exact price increase (in percentage) on your individual diamond. The profit report is based on historical diamond mine quarterly allocation price increases and it allows you to forecast the potential future growth.

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Paying wholesale price for your pink diamond investment is the key to maximising returns on your asset. In most cases, the sale of your diamonds will be at wholesale prices, usually through an auction house or retail jeweller. By securing your investment for the same price a jeweller would pay – and not an inflated retail price – you can minimise the time required to see a return profit on your diamond investment.

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Buying a Pink Diamond for your Self-Managed Super Fund?

Since 1985 approximately 90% of global production of natural pink diamonds have been extracted from the pink diamond mine in Western Australia. However, only a select number of these pink diamonds are retained and polished by the Australian pink diamond mine. The rest are sent to auction and sold as ‘seconds’ because they don’t make the high standards required by the Australian pink diamond mine.

The other 10% of pink diamonds mined and sold globally that are not from the Argyle mine are predominantly from Africa, India and Brazil, with a small amount of Pink-Purple extracted from mines in Canada and Russia.

All pink diamonds fall into two DNA classes, Type Ia and Type IIa. Australian pink diamonds are predominantly Type Ia and all others are predominantly Type IIa. According to extensive research by the GIA when considering purchasing a natural pink diamond, the best option is a rare Type Ia Pink Diamond from the Australian pink diamond mine; as these diamonds exhibit the unique qualities to look for in an investment. The relative rarity of such pink diamonds results in a premium that can be placed upon an Australian Pink Diamond. The best colour grades to consider are saturation of 1 – 6, in colours Purplish Pink (PP) and Pink (P) followed by Pink Rose (PR) since these have definite pink hue visible to the naked eye. When considering the shape of a diamond for investment it is wise to prefer traditional fancy cuts such as asscher, emerald, oval, pear, marquise, radiant, cushion, heart, princess and round brilliant shape diamonds, as these are considered more desirable, are better known and may return a greater profit over a non-traditional modified fancy shapes.

When reviewing the change in value of a natural pink diamond over time; according to the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), natural pink diamonds without official Argyle certification have only increased in value by a 1% in the past five years and all of that was in 2019. This statistic is significant when compared to the 18.6% average increase in value for comparable Australian pink diamond certified diamonds in 2019. It should be no surprise then that certified Australian pink diamonds are the preferred choice as a tangible investment. Certified pink diamonds have outperformed the Australian All Ordinaries Index and the trends in the Australian property market. With the Australian pink diamond mine closing in 2020 and a limited supply of this beyond rare commodity a pink diamond from the Australian pink diamond mine is truly the ultimate limited edition.

An Argyle Art Coin is first and foremost a work of art that you can treasure and keep in your family for generations. After a year in development, this work of art is spectacular. It immediately conveys unique creativity, authentic Australian stories, landscapes and history.

From deep within Australian earth came the precious metals of the ‘artist’s canvas’ to be forged and finished for you by Australian master jewellers. These masters skilfully set rare jewels from the Australian pink diamond mine, the only diamond mine in Australia or elsewhere, to produce truly vivid and valuable pink diamonds.

Argyle Art Coins brings you authentic Davson art that will captivate and inspire your imagination, as well as enhance desired investment portfolios.

Never before has there been such a unique opportunity to purchase an original work of art by an internationally acclaimed Australian artist combining precious metals and Argyle pink diamonds. The Argyle Art Coins are spectacular

Secure your limited edition Argyle Art Coin and commemorate the 35 year anniversary and closure of the Australian pink diamond mine in 2020. Find out more…

When buying Australian Certified pink diamonds you can be confident in the safe transit of your purchase. All diamonds are shipped with Brink’s and can be collected from Brink’s offices in many cities world wide.

Brinks specialises in the secure transportation and handling of currency and valuables throughout the logistics supply chain. From bank deposits and change funds to ATM cash replenishment and coin delivery, Brink’s has been the safe, secure choice in logistics since 1859. Today, thousands of companies across the globe trust Brink’s to protect their businesses from the risks associated with transporting and handling cash. In an industry where trust and integrity are paramount Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd will only ship goods with Brinks. Brinks has a leading role throughout the diamond and gemstone supply chain and is highly regarded by financial institutions. Brinks can arrange for customs inspections and act as a liaison between you and government authorities to help clear your valuables and get them to you as quickly as possible.

Brinks provides management of the entire logistics process, including secure transportation from mines to dealers, polishers, manufacturers and wholesalers; shipments of rough and polished diamonds and gems to grading institutes (round trip or one way); and customs clearance and transport services.

When shipping to a country outside Australia the cost of the diamonds is excluding local Australian tax, there is no GST (Australian Goods and Services Tax) payable on exports from Australia. There may be duties and/or taxes to be paid when you receive the domains in order to comply with taxation and import regulations. Upon receipt of your shipment you will be responsible for any applicable taxes and duties, payable to customs or Brinks.

The importer of record refers to the individual or company who is responsible for ensuring that goods are imported in accordance with all laws and regulations of the destination country or region. The importer of record is responsible for paying all duties, taxes, and fees assessed by customs or the carrier.

Every item diamond we ship with Brinks comes in our signature pink diamond packaging. The package also includes your appraisal certificate, issued authenticity certificate and GIA (Gemological Institute Of America) or GAA (The Gemmological Association of Australia) diamond grading report. Loose diamonds are presented in a lined diamond case that securely holds the gemstone. Shipments may be subject to security controls by air carriers and government entities, and Brink’s will submit to any required security controls on your behalf.

Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email that includes Brinks tracking information. You can check the progress of the shipment at We are in frequent contact with Brinks to ensure the delivery of each diamond is completed.

To collect your shipment from Brinks you will be required to show proof of identity when signing. A signature is always required on all Australian pink diamonds sent via Brinks, regardless of any signature waivers you may have with your shipping carrier. Please make sure that you are available to sign for your shipment and collect from your nearest Brinks office.

Payment for your purchase must be made by international wire transfer from your bank. Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd will provide you with our SWIFT Code, routing number, account number, account name, our banks name, branch and address. We have near daily contact with our business account manager and foreign exchange consultant at our local bank. We will always confirm payment details with you in writing and over the phone so that you can be sure the account details are correct and have not been tampered with at any stage of the communications.

If you would like to confirm with our branch account manager we can provide you with the relevant details so that you may call them and confirm that our accounts are in good standing, that we regularly receive international payments and have a decades long association with the Greater Bank in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

By using Brinks for the secure transport of your diamond we have absolute confidence in your diamond arriving safely at the destination Brinks office ready for you to collect. Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd has insurance covering all stock both in storage and transit. Additionally, we have the usual insurances that businesses need such as professional indemnity, building and contents, key person insurance and business insurance.

Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd has been working in the Australian pink diamond industry since the Argyle diamond mine first opened its doors, in the mid-1980s. Today we are Australia’s largest supplier of Australian certified pink diamonds and have the exclusive use of the Pink Diamond Analytics program. This data driven decision making program historically tracks and statistically analyses the rarity of every certified pink and blue diamond that has been inscribed and certified by the Australian pink diamond mine. Our clients consist of private investors, SMSF trustees, Wholesale Managed Funds, Financial Advice Groups and Family Offices.

David Hocking
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Hi my name is David and I have given permission to ADI to share this.

I am a former superannuation advisor and financial planner*, and I would like to share my Argyle experience. In early 2019 I started becoming concerned about my ability to negate some of the volatility that was occurring within the share market and directly effecting my self-managed super fund. I started to look to alternative investments in order to diversify my assets. After several months of research, I purchased some gold and my first Argyle diamond, in order to secure a small proportion of the fund in hard assets. I took a small profit on the gold and continued to explore investment quality Argyle diamonds. This was when I first contacted ADI. At this stage I knew my first purchase was a good one however, if I was going to be a serious investor in this area, I need an industry relationship, not just a retailer. I.e., There is no point holding assets that may appreciate in time in an unregulated market if you have no ability to track the market, or dispose of the asset at a time of your choosing. ADI provided this at every step. Since late 2019, I have purchased 4 more Argyle diamonds at wholesale prices, including a match found for the one I already held to make up a pair. This makes up a significant proportion of my SMSF. With the mine now closed and supply gone I indicated to ADI that I was happy to sell one of my Argyles at the right price if they had a buyer. A fortnight ago ADI contacted me to see if I was still prepared to part with one of my holdings as they had had a request. ADI managed the sale and after they received my secured delivery, the money went into my SMSF the next day. Seamless. I made a significant profit, especially as I had only held the diamond for just over 18 months. I still hold my matching pair and my two larger diamonds including a blue, and will continue to do so. However, it is so good to know that when I do want to realise my capital gain, I have such a great team to help me do so.

Kind Regards


*None of the above is financial advice general or otherwise.

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