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how pink diamonds are formed copyrighted - Argyle Diamond Investments

How are Pink Diamonds Formed

Pink diamonds, one of the planet’s rarest jewels, have gained popularity in recent years because of their striking colour, and captivating nature. “Everybody’s talking about

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Are Pink Diamonds Rare copyrighted - Argyle Diamond Investments

Are Pink Diamonds Rare?

With a colour spectrum including the blush tones of romantic pink, the dazzling pinkish-reds, and the intense sunset shades, pink diamonds are as coveted as they

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About the argyle diamond mine copyrighted - Argyle Diamond Investments

About the Argyle Mine

If you think a diamond mine that produces around 20 million carats worth of diamond each year would be considered as among the largest mines

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Closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine copyrighted - Argyle Diamond Investments

Closure of the Argyle Mine

The diamond market will experience a significant change, as the world’s largest source of rare, pink diamonds is closing. The Argyle mine in Western Australia

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Pink Diamonds Immortality - Argyle Diamond Investments

Pink Diamonds: Immortality

The search for an “Investment Elixir” The quest for the Elixir of Life has occupied human civilisation for thousands of years. We have constantly sought the

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Pink Diamonds: Security - Argyle Diamond Investments

Pink Diamonds: Security

How Do You Make Your Diamond Investment Portfolio More Secure? Around 900 years ago the Knights Templar formed for the express purpose of protecting Christian

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Pink Diamonds : Simplicity - Argyle Diamond Investments

Pink Diamonds: Simplicity

One of the most important advantages of investing in Australian Pink diamonds is that they significantly reduce the complexity of the investment process and therefore

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