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Argyle Blue Diamonds

The Rarest of the Rare

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Blue Diamonds Come in All Shapes and Colour Saturations

Natural Blue, Greyish Blue, Violet, Violet Blue and Aqua Blue Diamonds

blue diamond colour saturations

Argyle Blue Colour Grades


Most natural blue diamonds are rare, but blue diamonds from the Argyle mine are the rarest of all. It is estimated that for every 1.00ct of certified Argyle inscribed blue diamonds, there are 500ct of natural blue diamonds on the market. When you consider a blue diamond in general is 25 times rarer than a pink diamond, this fact alone makes an Argyle blue diamond a stand out in any investor’s collection.

The Argyle Diamond Mine sporadically yields blue, grey blue and violet diamonds. In fact, an Argyle certified blue diamond can be considered the rarest of all diamonds on planet earth. To put that into perspective, for every 25 million carats of rough diamonds unearthed from the Argyle mine, only a single polished blue or violet stone is produced. In more than 30 years of the prestigious Argyle Pink Diamond Tenders, just 12 carats of polished violet blue diamonds have been offered for sale!

Blue and violet diamonds typically are Type IIb and contain the presence of boron, or in the case of those produced by Argyle, the presence of hydrogen. The Argyle diamond mine is the only known source of Type 1a hydrogen-rich Blue, Greyish Blue and violet Diamonds as well as the uniquely potent cornflower hues.

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