About the Argyle Mine

About the argyle diamond mine copyrighted - Argyle Diamond Investments

If you think a diamond mine that produces around 20 million carats worth of diamond each year would be considered as among the largest mines in the world, you’re right. And that rightly describes Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine operating in the region of East Kimberley, Western Australia since 1983.  Having produced more than 800 million […]

Closure of the Argyle Mine

Closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine copyrighted - Argyle Diamond Investments

The diamond market will experience a significant change, as the world’s largest source of rare, pink diamonds is closing. The Argyle mine in Western Australia is expected to finally close and end its production of the famed diamond types by the end of 2020. There are growing concerns in the diamond community as the 90% […]