FACT VERSES MOTIVATED MISDIRECTION: Argyle Certification vs. No Argyle Certification (GIA only)

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Definitions Argyle Certified (cut and certified by the Argyle mine)Non-Argyle (not of Argyle mine origin) Argyle Origin (cut from Argyle mine seconds) Abstract This report takes a close look at why Argyle certified pink diamonds are growing in value at an astonishing rate and why GIA certified non-Argyle pink diamonds have stagnated in value. Point by point we unravel […]

Pink Diamond Investments in A World of Low Interest Rates

pink diamond investments in low interest rates - Argyle Diamond Investments

Banks are increasing their efforts to bring low interest rates to the market. While this could be seen as just competition between financial institutions by the public, for investors and finance experts, it’s a sign of greater risks in the financial markets which could lead to devaluation of investments. For a beginner, low interest rates […]

Pink Diamonds: Truth, Trust and the Investors Dilemma

Pink Diamonds: Truth, Trust and the Investors Dilemma

One of the biggest challenges we face as investors is to work out who and what to trust for investment advice.  There’s so much information out there, that finding the truth is like threading the eye of a needle.  It doesn’t help that we live in a time when political and business leaders the world […]

Pink diamonds: The Bond Bubble Continues

Pink diamonds: The Bond Bubble Continues

The Eurozone awoke to the news late last week that central bank interest rates will be at zero or below for the foreseeable future. Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), has decided to reintroduce the mad monetary policy called Quantative Easing or QE for short. What does this mean you may ask […]

Pink Diamonds: Navigating the Investment Market Maelstrom

Pink diamonds Navigating the Investment Market Maelstrom

Investors could be forgiven for being a little exhausted from the on-going investment market turbulence over the course of 2019.  One moment, we have miners and the banks leading the market with higher stock prices, the next its consumer staples, followed by fintechs (think Ezypay, Coinjar and Afterpay for example).  Determining future market trends is […]

Pink Diamonds: Immortality

Pink Diamonds Immortality - Argyle Diamond Investments

The search for an “Investment Elixir” The quest for the Elixir of Life has occupied human civilisation for thousands of years. We have constantly sought the magical compound that can help us defeat the ravages of time and live an ever-lasting life in our earthly domain.  In early China, it was believed that consuming valuable long-lasting […]

Pink Diamonds: Current Market Uncertainty

Pink Diamonds: Current Market Uncertainty - Argyle Diamond Investments

How will the Current Market Uncertainty Affect my Australian Pink Diamond Investment? The significant downturn in the Australian stock market – around $60billion was wiped off the market value of companies listed on the All Ordinaries Index – the last 48 hours has prompted some of our clients to express concerns over whether or not […]

Pink Diamond Investment: Stability

Pink Diamond Investment: Stability

As the world around us becomes more chaotic, human beings have a natural tendency to search for something that will help us get some semblance of stability in our lives. Argyle Diamond Investments may look for this in our relationships, hobbies, causes, jobs and especially our pink diamond investments.  In fact, one of the great ironies […]

Pink Diamonds: Clarity

Pink Diamonds: Clarity - Argyle Diamond Investments

One of the biggest challenges we face in life is finding out what we are here to accomplish – or in the words of more than one famous motivational guru – clarity of purpose.  Napolean Hill (of Think and Grow Rich fame) defines this as the one quality that we must possess if we are […]

The Road Ahead for Pink Diamond Investments

The Road Ahead for Pink Diamond Investments - Argyle Diamond Investments

Argyle Diamond Investments receive a lot of inquiries about Australian Pink diamonds and what they can do for an investment portfolio in terms of rate of return and how they can help diversify a holding, while reducing potential losses.  Everyone’s after that nirvana investing edge that will give them a healthy growth rate (capital, dividends, […]