How Rare are Pink Diamonds?

how rare are pink diamonds

Many people think that pink is a common enough colour for a precious stone, but it is actually so uncommon, a high quality one is a hot commodity. Diamonds are usually clear, brownish or yellowish in colour. The pink diamond is so rare; a whole year’s worth of supply can fit in the palm of […]

From Formation to Unveiling

From Formation to Unveiling - Argyle Diamond Investments

A Complete Timeline of the Formation of Pink Diamonds Argyle certified pink diamonds are certainly one of the most precious and rare phenomena on this earth, and to possess one is a coup for the owner. Aside from their monetary worth as an investment option, the sheer unlikeliness of their existence, given all they go […]

Everything You Need to Know About Natural Pink Diamonds

Everything You Need to Know About Natural Pink Diamonds - Argyle Diamond Investments

They’re enchanting, luxurious, and romantic. Pink diamonds have been fascinating diamond connoisseurs worldwide. Because of their mysterious colour origin and scarcity, natural pink diamonds are regarded as the rarest of the coloured diamonds. They cost more than their colourless equivalents! Get to know more about these extraordinary gemstones and how they rock the diamond industry. […]

Transformation of a Natural Coloured Rough Diamond to a Polished Diamond

transformation of rough diamonds copyrighted - Argyle Diamond Investments

Diamonds, in their initial rough state, are hardly impressive. There are none of the brilliant flashes of light… yet. It is only after the diamond undergoes polishing that its real brilliance – and value – is revealed. Helping the transformation from a natural coloured rough diamond to a polished diamond is an art form that […]

Where are Pink Diamonds Found?

Where are Pink Diamonds Found? - Argyle Diamond Investments

Pink diamonds are regarded as among the rarest type of diamonds in the world. Around 90% of these pinkish gems are found in the Argyle mines in the Kimberley Region in Western Australia. Pink diamonds are also found in other areas such as in Russia, India, South Africa, Canada, and Brazil. Due to the imminent […]

How are Pink Diamonds Formed

how pink diamonds are formed copyrighted - Argyle Diamond Investments

Pink diamonds, one of the planet’s rarest jewels, have gained popularity in recent years because of their striking colour, and captivating nature. “Everybody’s talking about them. Everybody loves them,” according to Jeffrey Post, a curator at the National Gem and Mineral Collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC. These pink gemstones […]

Are Pink Diamonds Rare?

Are Pink Diamonds Rare copyrighted - Argyle Diamond Investments

With a colour spectrum including the blush tones of romantic pink, the dazzling pinkish-reds, and the intense sunset shades, pink diamonds are as coveted as they are exquisite. But why are pink diamonds so rare? And how much is a pink diamond worth? After watching these short clips of the Pink Legacy, with video credits from the […]

Famous Beautiful Pink Diamond Rings

famous beautiful diamond rings - Argyle Diamond Investments

Pink diamonds first became known as the gems of kings in 17th century. It started with Jean Baptiste Tavernier, a famous merchant who spotted a 200-carat precious stone in one of the Indian jewel markets. Some historians tend to believe that that gem was the mother stone for the two biggest pink diamonds in the […]

A Layman’s Guide To Buying Pink Diamonds

A Layman’s Guide To Buying Pink Diamonds - Argyle Diamond Investments

Everything from shapes, shades, and price Pink diamonds are much sought after these days. Their popularity and mass appeal is increasing by the day. However, unfortunately, these are also stones about which there is very little information. There are so many shades, varieties, choices, and price bands that it is easy to get confused or, […]

What Makes Pink Diamonds the Most Desirable of All Gemstones?

What Makes Pink Diamonds the Most Desirable of All Gemstones - Argyle Diamond Investments

Is it the beauty, the history, or simply the uniqueness about pink diamonds that makes people lust for them? Pink diamonds or coloured diamonds are growing in popularity much faster than their colourless counterparts. Over the last few years, they have attained an almost cult like status in the diamond industry. What makes them so desirable? […]