Our Guide to Buying Your Argyle Diamonds

All argyle diamonds are beautiful, but as with any major investment, there are factors worth considering during your purchase. In this article, we’ll look at these factors so that the process of buying your diamond will be stress-free and enjoyable.

Our Pink Diamonds – Buying Guide

Choosing Your Cut

The first thing to consider is the cut of your diamond. Would you prefer a brilliant round or an elegant pear shape? There are many different cuts to consider, with each one having their own dimensions and sparkle. If the range overwhelms you, consider going with the classic round cut. The round cut optimises shine and sparkle, so your pink diamond will surely look beautiful.

When choosing your cut, also consider why you are purchasing the stone. For investments and rings, the round cut is recommended; however, this all comes down to your personal preference.

Distinguishing Colour

After choosing your cut, consider which colour you are interested in. Argyle diamonds come in a variety of hues and shades, and the majority have underlying colours of purple, orange or brown. If you already have an idea of which shade you would like, take a moment to consider the saturation. The higher the saturation, the bolder the colour.

This all comes down to personal choice and which colour appeals to you the most. If you are interested in purchasing a pink diamond as an investment, also consider how the rarity plays into it. Pink diamonds are rare, which means that the colour combinations are unique, with every diamond differing. Some colour combinations may be rarer than others, therefore making better investments.

Finding Clarity

The clearer the diamond, the better it sparkles. With pink diamonds, clarity does not pay as prominent a role as colour, as the pink colour can seem brilliant even if the diamond does not have high clarity.

However, clarity does influence the price: a high clarity diamond should undoubtedly cost more than its equivalent with low clarity.

Carat Weight

This is one of the later decisions you make, after selecting your cut, colour and clarity. The larger the carat weight, the higher the cost and the higher the profit for investors should they choose to sell later.


Certification comes last after you have chosen the argyle diamond for you. When going through certification, check the ethical guidelines for pink diamonds that it meets, its origins and whether it is GIA certified.

Certification links in closely with your supplier. Ensure that your supplier is trustworthy, reliable and genuine so that the argyle diamond you purchase will be a worthwhile investment at the best possible price for you. Check their history, where they source their diamonds from and their customer service.

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Here at Argyle Diamond Investments, we would be happy to help you ensure the diamonds you purchase are ethical, sustainable and certified. If you have any questions about this article or about pink diamonds, or if you would be interested in purchasing a pink diamond, feel free to contact us, either online or via 02 4927 0000.

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