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Invest in Pink Diamonds


Pink diamonds are some of the rarest and most valuable natural commodity you can add to your investment portfolio. Known for its exciting and timeless appeal, you can stand to make the most out of your diversified investments as this rare gem becomes even rarer.

At Argyle Pink Diamond Investments in Adelaide, we offer you guaranteed lowest prices for only the finest in Pink Diamond grade and cuts. Buying loose pink Diamond is the best investment which you will never regret. You can enjoy this breathtaking luxury that has inspired diamond connoisseurs, high-profile celebrities, and influencers around the world.

Why you should invest in pink diamonds Adelaide

Pink diamonds have driven investors from around the world to appreciate, invest and collect. Their unique and identifying colour stands out from the rest of gems in the market.

There are many reasons why you should invest in pink diamonds. As an alternative investment, pink diamonds are rarer and as equally reliable as gold or property.

Pink diamonds are also the fastest growing hard assets in the world. In fact, this commodity has seen a 367% price increase in just 11 years.

This strong performance will only get stronger as demand surpasses supply. Most of the world’s supply of pink diamonds come from the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, and this is projected to close early 2021. The dramatic increase will only benefit those who took the chance to invest early.

Like other precious stones and diamonds, investing in pink diamonds is also a reliable method of wealth preservation. Since diamonds are always priced in US dollars, investing in pink diamonds is a natural currency hedge against the falling Australian dollar.

Services offered by Argyle Pink Diamond Investments in Adelaide

Argyle Pink Diamond Investments Adelaide believes in helping you maximise your investments. We offer end-to-end solutions. This includes everything from evaluating and valuing diamonds, storing your new assets, managing your investment collections, and even re-selling.

We will help you assess pink diamonds by the four main attributes of quality: colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. We offer only high quality pink diamonds in terms of hue, saturation and tone. We will also guide you through cut values, from princess cuts to cushion. Choosing between Round Brilliant, Modified Fancy Shapes, and Traditional Fancy Shapes is a matter of aligning your interests with design.

Why choose Argyle Pink Diamond Investments in Adelaide

Argyle Pink Diamond Investments stands out in the market for loose pink diamonds. Buying from us is different from buying from an auction-house or retail jeweller because we believe in maximising your returns.

We are as close as possible to the source of pink diamonds. We have a direct partnership with the source, acquiring pink diamond allocations 4 times a year.

Our firm is also one of only 4 authorised members within Australia of the New York-based International Coloured Diamond Association. Because of our high quality services, our clients include private investors, SMSF trustees to Wholesale Managed Funds, Financial Advice Groups and Family Offices.


Buying A Pink Argyle Diamond

Let our experienced GIA and GAA accredited pink diamond experts in Adelaide guide you through investing in pink diamonds. Contact us at 02 4927 0000 or email us at info@argylepinkdiamondinvestments.com.au to know more about wholesale pink diamonds for sale in Brisbane, Adelaide.

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