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Invest in Pink Diamonds


Argyle Pink Diamonds in Brisbane and QLD

Investing in pink diamonds increases one’s financial stability. Despite the flourishing economy in Brisbane, one must still think about preparing for retirement. You can’t just go to work forever! The cost of living is getting quite high each year. As such, you need to plan ahead and make a good investment.

So why not invest your money in precious diamonds? Sparkling diamonds aren’t just lovely to look at; they can also secure your future for the years to come. Pink diamonds are one of the rarest gems you would want to lay your hands on. Besides their exquisite beauty, these diamonds are only mined from a few locations in the world.

Argyle Diamond Investments is the team who can make investing in diamond easy for Brisbane and Queensland. Based in New South Wales, we streamline the process of travelling for your investment, offering a range of luxuries and special offers when you come to us.

Argyle Pink Diamond Investments has a great collection of diamonds in store for you. What we have is a special kind of diamond: pink diamonds.

Diamonds are indeed forever.

The Argyle Diamond Investments Difference

Our team offers much more than just diamond expertise. As the number 1 supplier of Argyle pink diamonds, we boast a collection that is second in size only to the Argyle Diamond Mine itself.

We source quality pink diamonds and sell them at wholesale prices, meaning you can get more for your investment or Self-Managed Super Fund deposit.

Based in Newcastle, Argyle Diamond Investments is a proud family owned business which is 100% owned and operated. Diamond expertise has been in the Leonard family for more than 80 years and Craig Leonard now carries that tradition. He has 25 years of diamond experience and is accredited by the NCDIA.

  • Our team boasts a huge inventory of loose pink diamonds in all shapes and sizes, ensuring great variety and lower prices.
  • Our headquarters spans over two stories and we can help you choose your diamonds.
  • Pink diamonds can be 30x more valuable than traditional clear diamonds and we sell them at wholesale prices to give you a head-start on your investment.

Book in your VIP Viewing today as we can arrange a VIP pick up from the Newcastle Airport.

Only the Best for Our Visitors from Brisbane and Queensland

Travellers from interstate can thoroughly enjoy the pink diamond experience when they visit us. Not only will we give you access to the best pink diamonds on offer, but we’ll roll out the red carpet to streamline your experience.

Investors who travel to meet us from Brisbane and throughout Queensland enjoy:

  • a personalised pick-up and drop-off service at the airport to better plan your travel
  • a luxurious leather couch waiting room while you consider your diamond investment
  • access to our second level VIP showroom to browse the best we have to offer

Argyle Pink Diamond Investments is your no. 1 source of pink diamonds Brisbane.

You might be scared to place your money in diamond merchants because of scams that you’ve heard in the past. The secret to having a safe investment is choosing the right company. Lucky for you, our team in Argyle Pink Diamond Investments can guarantee you the following:

  • We get the pink diamonds Brisbane directly from the Argyle diamond mining allocations. This means you get to buy from us at retailer price. This is a lot cheaper as compared to buying from brokers or resellers.
  • The diamonds we offer have been assessed by the GIA and also come along with an Argyle Providence Report. The authenticity of the pink diamonds you purchase is guaranteed.
  • We offer storage and insurance to secure your investments.
  • We can also assist you in re-selling your pink diamonds Brisbane if you feel that it is already time to claim your ROI.

What are you waiting for? Call us today and start growing your investment today!

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Visit Us before the Argyle Diamond Mine Closes

 The Argyle Diamond Mine is set to close in just two years or even sooner. This means pink diamond prices will climb and those who have already secured them at a low price can further maximise their investment.

If you’re interested in traveling from Queensland to view our collection, contact us now. Take the trip of a lifetime to fund the rest of your life!