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Invest in Pink Diamonds


An asset that outperforms even property and gold is worth the look. Pink diamonds are some of the rarest and most valuable natural commodities in the market today. Their gorgeous colours and unique qualities make them popular with connoisseurs, celebrities and investors.

At Argyle Pink Diamond Investments, we want to help you grow and diversify your investment portfolio. We can help you maximise your financial investments through the acquisition and management of this breathtaking and luxurious asset.

Why invest in Pink Diamonds Canberra

Pink diamonds are the fastest growing hard asset in the world. In the last 11 years alone, there has been a 367% price increase in pink diamonds. This fast and astounding rate is set to increase even more as the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, one of the main natural sources of the precious stone, closes in early 2021.

We’ve also seen how precious pink diamonds are in the market. Pink diamonds have colours that are unique and dynamic, reflecting the desert sunset, the softest floral pinks, and dramatic violets and reds. The purplish pink with a slight bubble gum tone of the Argyle Pink Diamond is so unique that it can even be identified by sight by connoisseurs.

Services offered by Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

Our “guaranteed lowest price” principle aims to help you and your investments grow. We offer end-to-end solutions, from evaluating the diamonds, acquisition, to re-selling.

Our experienced GIA and GAA accredited diamond experts will guide you through choosing the right cut, carat weight, clarity and especially colour for your investment portfolio.

Why choose Argyle Pink Diamond Investments in Canberra

Our firm is dedicated to maximising your financial return with only the best in pink diamonds. We work as close as possible to the source, guaranteeing regular acquisition allocations and the lowest prices.

Our clients include private investors, SMSF trustees to wholesale managed funds, financial advice groups and family offices. Argyle Pink Diamond Investments is also one of only 4 authorised members within Australia of the New York-based International Coloured Diamond Association.

You can trust in our firm to see your investments through. Speak to a Pink Diamond Expert and contact us 02 4927 0000 or email us at info@argylepinkdiamondinvestments.com.au today!

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