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Invest in Pink Diamonds


With its regal beauty and rarity, pink diamonds have become a fast growing commodity in the market. Investing in pink diamonds is one way to grow and also diversify your investment portfolio. As an alternative investment, pink diamonds have even outperformed gold and property.

Argyle Pink Diamond Investments understands the value of pink diamonds and its potential in boosting your investments. Our “guaranteed lowest prices” principle will ensure you get only high quality gems for the best prices.

Why invest in Pink Diamonds Hobart

With 90% of the world’s production of pink diamonds mined in Western Australia at the Argyle Diamond Mine, pink diamonds are considered a rare and valuable natural commodity. It will become even rarer and valuable given the projected “early 2021” closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine.

Its high value is set to rise dramatically in the coming years. Considering that pink diamonds have had a 367% price increase in just 11 years, its projected future value is an incredibly good reason to invest.

Pink diamonds are also popular in the market, from high-profile celebrities to collectors and influencers. As a precious gem, it is also a reliable investment for wealth preservation.

Services offered by Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

Argyle Pink Diamond Investments offers end-to-end solutions to guarantee the success of your acquisition. This includes everything from evaluation of the diamonds, buying and storing the assets, to managing and future re-selling.

Pink diamonds come in different colour grades, considering hue, saturation, and tone. There are also different cut values, such as round brilliant, modified fancy shapes, and traditional fancy shapes, which can perform differently in certain markets. Our experienced GIA and GAA accredited diamond experts will guide you in making the best possible choice.

Why choose Argyle Pink Diamond Investments in Hobart

We differ from auctions and other re-sellers. Argyle Pink Diamond Investments is as close as possible to the source, guaranteeing the lowest prices and the best in choices. We have a direct partnership ensuring acquisition allocations four times a year.

Our firm is famous worldwide for our collection of Argyle Pink Diamonds. Argyle Pink Diamond Investments is also one of only 4 authorised members within Australia of the New York-based International Coloured Diamond Association.

Grow your investment with this rare and unique commodity. Book a VIP viewing or speak to a Pink Diamonds Expert today! You can contact us through 02 4927 0000 or via email at info@argylepinkdiamondinvestments.com.au.

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