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  • We are Australia’s largest pink diamond wholesalers, with a guaranteed best price policy
  • We have SMSF approved storage facilities in Queensland, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne
  • We security-transport to all states of Australia with Brinks international
  • We have an Australia wide resale service
  • We are the only company in Australia that can 100% accuratelydetermine the rarity and future values of all Argyle certified pink and blue diamondsvia Argyle Diamond Analytics.

About Argyle Diamond Analytics

Argyle Diamond Analytics is an advanced data analytics system. Specifically designed to statistically calculate the overall rarityand financial growth of any certified Australian Argyle pink or blue diamond. The auditing of each certified Argyle diamond is updated quarterly andmaintained through a highly stringent regulatory system.

Reselling your pink diamond investment from

When it comes time to cash in your investment, we offer all our clients a full resale service for a nominal fee of the final sales price (5%). With over 12,000 retail jewellers and brokers registered through our global supply network we will make maximising your profit and reselling your investment a pleasant experience.

Why you should invest in an Argyle pink diamond

80% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds come from the Australian Argyle Diamond mine. ThesePink diamonds are running out fast and with the Argyle mine confirmedto close at the end of 2020,this will make an Argyle pink diamond the ultimate limited edition. In general, all-natural pink diamonds have seen a 367% price increase overthe last11 years, but a certified Argyle pink diamond has easily doubling those price increase and will continue to do so for years to come.

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Let our experienced GIA and GAA accredited pink diamond experts guide you through investing in an Argyle pink diamond. Contact us on 02 4927 0000 or email us at info@argylepinkdiamondinvestments.com.au for more information

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