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Invest in Pink Diamonds


Many people in Newcastle are discovering the huge potential of pink diamonds as an investment opportunity. More than just being a symbol of love and fidelity, a diamond also brings happiness to the person that beholds it. These days, however, there are only a few trustworthy diamond merchants you can choose from in Newcastle. Don’t worry; our company, Argyle Pink Diamond Investments is eager to offer our services to you.

Why should you invest in Newcastle diamonds?

  • Diversification of your portfolio

Diamonds give room for risk spreading and flexibility. They are not easily affected by inflation as compared to other financial products.

  • Its long-term growth is promising

Diamonds are known for their rarity. The demand for this precious stone is expected to grow for the years ahead.

  • Portable

Diamonds are miniscule as opposed to their ridiculously big value. You only need a secure storage area that doesn’t consume much space in order to safeguard your investment.

Argyle Pink Diamond Investments can help you secure your future with our pink diamonds Newcastle.

We don’t offer just any ordinary diamond; we offer pink diamonds Newcastle. Coloured diamonds have a greater demand as compared to white ones. Buyers today are looking for something more special, timeless, and extraordinary. In fact, the most expensive diamond in the world was a pink diamond sold in an auction in 2017. The “Pink Star” was sold at a hefty price of USD 71 million. The reason why a pink diamond possesses its colour remains a mystery until today, and this makes it all the more valuable.

Get your pink diamonds Newcastle today before time runs out.

It has already been confirmed that the Argyle Diamond Mine will be closed in 2020. With this, the prices of Argyle diamonds are expected to surge. The value of pink diamonds have already increased by more than 300% for the past 11 years, making them one of the biggest investments the world over. With Argyle Pink Diamond Investments, we assure you that every dollar is worth it.

We get your pink diamonds Newcastle DIRECTLY from Argyle diamond mine allocations. This means that you’ll get your diamond at retailer price. The diamonds you will purchase were likewise evaluated by the GIA for its quality and authenticity. It also comes with an Argyle Providence Report. Moreover, storage space is available should you wish to keep your pink diamonds in Newcastle secure.

Make pink diamonds Newcastle a part of your investment portfolio. Call us today!