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Invest in Pink Diamonds


Diversify your investment portfolio by acquiring one of the rarest and most sought-after gems in the world. Pink diamonds have a regal and breathtaking beauty that is sure to impress. With a unique colour that can reflect the desert sunset, the softest floral pinks and dramatic reds, pink diamonds are set to yield only high returns.

At Argyle Pink Diamond Investments, we want to help you on your investment journey. Our “guaranteed lowest price” principle will ensure you get the most out of your endeavour.

Why invest in Pink Diamonds Perth

Investing smart is a matter of playing supply and demand in your favour. Around 90% of the world’s natural source of pink diamonds come from the mines in the far north of Western Australia. The Argyle Diamond Mine, however, is set to close 2020 or early 2021, driving a rare commodity even rarer.

Put in numbers, the fastest growing hard asset in the world will have a dramatic increase in value in the next decade. In just 11 years, pink diamonds have seen a 367% price increase. Investing now is a great way to secure your portfolio.

Aside from the scarcity of supply, pink diamonds are also a worthy investment on its own. Its beautiful colours, cuts and grading make it popular with high-profile celebrities and collectors.

Services offered by Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

Argyle Pink Diamond Investments offers high quality professional end-to-end solutions. Our firm is here to guide you through buying diamonds, storing your new assets, managing your collection, and also re-selling.

You can trust in your experienced GIA and GAA accredited diamond experts. Depending on your long-term projections and needs, we can guide you to buying the best cut and colour. Our pink diamonds are assessed using the four main attributes of diamond quality: colour, cut, carat weight, and clarity.

Why choose Argyle Pink Diamond Investments in Perth

We are famous worldwide for our collection of Argyle Pink Diamonds. Unlike other re-sellers, we are as close as possible to the source, with a direct partnership ensuring regular acquisition allocations.

The numbers speak for our success. Our firm has seen a 30.6% simple average growth per annum. We are one of only 4 authorised members within Australia of the New York-based International Coloured Diamond Association.

With Argyle Pink Diamond Investments, you can maximise your investment and diversify with an asset even better than property or gold. Invest in Pink Diamonds Perth. Speak to our experts or book your VIP viewing today! Contact us at 02 4927 0000 or email us at info@argylepinkdiamondinvestments.com.au!