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Invest in Pink Diamonds


Pink Diamonds for Sale in Sydney

Pink diamonds are gaining attention in Sydney. The pink colour exudes a feminine and romantic vibe, making it a highly sought after engagement ring in men who wants to impress their significant other. Research shows that only 0.01% of the diamonds mined ever year are coloured. This makes pink diamonds rare and highly valuable.


Invest your hard-earned money in pink diamonds Sydney

Not only do pink diamonds make an engagement ring more special, they are also a great investment. Investing in pink diamonds is quite attractive because of the following reasons:

  • This type of investment is flexible and provides room for risk spending. You would want an investment that can defeat inflation; the increase in value of diamonds can do that for you.
  • Pink diamonds are rare. You will never run out of potential buyers who would want to buy your precious tone for a hefty price.
  • Pink diamonds are small despite their value. You only need a small space with a tight security system to guard your asset.

Pink diamonds Sydney stand out more than any other diamond

Diamonds differ based on their colour, cut, and clarity. Pink diamonds are rare, and the method by which they are produced remains a mystery until today. One of its sources, the Argyle Diamond Mine is expected to close in 2020. Experts predict that the prices of Argyle diamonds will have a record-breaking increase over the next few years. As such, there is no better time to buy one of these precious diamonds but today.


Begin investing in pink diamonds Sydney today with Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

If you are planning to get a pink diamond, you need to find a reliable diamond merchant. Due to the increasing demand yet low supply of pink diamonds, fake sellers are on the loose, ready to pounce on vulnerable buyers.

Our team here at Argyle Pink Diamond Investments is proud to say that we are one of the few reliable merchants you can depend on. We are not brokers or re-sellers. We get our pink diamonds straight from the Argyle mining allocations. We also enlist the services of the GIA to scrutinize the authenticity of the diamonds we sell. Since there is no middleman to go through, you can get pink diamonds Sydney at a good price.


Argyle Pink Diamonds For Sale in Sydney

We’d love to discuss more things with you. Call us today and we’ll help find you something wonderful to invest on.

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