Market volatility. What’s that?

Stocks, properties and precious metals — these traditional investment options are at the mercy of their respective markets. Not rare coloured pink diamonds. Since the 1980s, prices for pink diamonds have increased by 10-30% per year with the rarest of pink coloured diamonds enjoying the biggest growth.

Rare coloured pink diamonds are not affected by the volatility of the market. Unlike equities, precious metals, and properties. When the economy slows down, diamond prices tend to plateau but they never fall! This immunity from market volatility gives investors the benefit of a truly well-diversified investment portfolio.

Why Rare Coloured Diamonds are Immune to Market Volatility

Volatility is caused by several factors. Political and financial instability of countries are some of the major drivers, to name a few. Because of the unpredictable fluctuations in the value of oil, gold, and other commodities, investors tend to look for a stable hard asset that they can rely on. And rare coloured pink diamonds are the answer.

Below are some reasons why rare coloured pink diamonds are insulated from the volatility of the market:

  • Not influenced by speculative moods
  • No options, futures, or short selling
  • It’s not a highly leveraged market

In the long term, pink diamonds are scarce with no foreseeable increase in supply in the near future. This provides solid fundamentals from which investors can rely on.

Diversify your investments. A well-diversified portfolio limits the risks brought by a highly volatile market. While many Australians invest in traditional options, financial advisors strongly recommend that investors should also look into hard assets like rare coloured pink diamonds which provide more lucrative returns compared to sitting money in the bank.

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