Argyle Diamond Analytics

Maximising your profits with Argyle Diamond Analytics

Argyle Diamond Analytics is an independently audited data driven reporting system. The system was designed to statistically evaluate every diamond that has been certified and inscribed with a unique number by the Argyle mine, since formal records have been kept. The system categorizes the exact number of diamonds by colour, size, shape and clarity. With this information it is possible to calculate the rarity of any pink or blue diamond from the Argyle mine. This traceable rarity is a very important factor to consider when investing, especially after the Argyle mine closes.


Argyle Certification vs. No Argyle Certification (GIA only)

Lets takes a close look at why Argyle certified pink diamonds are growing in value at an astonishing rate and why non-Australian pink diamonds have stagnated in value. When it comes to the financial growth of a natural pink diamond, all statistics you read originate from a company called the “Fancy Color Research Foundation” (FCRF). This highly reputable organization tracks the international market behaviour and changes of the wholesale buying price of non-Argyle certified pink diamonds from 1.00ct plus in size. 

The index is an objective tool, based on exclusive data and refined real time information supplied by independent industry leaders. According to the FCRF, natural pink diamonds without Argyle certification have only increased in value by a mere 1% in the past five years and that 1% growth happened in 2019. This statistic is highly significant when compared to the 18.6% average increase in value of an Argyle certified diamond in the last 12 months, thus being no surprise that these pink diamonds are the preferred choice as a tangible investment.

Argyle Diamond Investments - Pink Diamond Analytics
Pink Diamond Analytics - Argyle Diamond Investments

How rare is my pink diamond?

Argyle Diamond Analytics rarity report uses the unique Argyle inscription / certificate number to statistically analyse your diamonds rarity and categorise the exact number of identically matched diamonds that have been certified / inscribed by the Argyle mine since historical records have been formally kept.

What is my pink diamond worth?

Argyle Diamond Analytics valuation report is the worlds only standardised valuation systems that accurately appraise the correct value of any pink or blue diamond from the Argyle mine. By using the unique Argyle inscription number accompanied with the international grading report (GIA – GSL – IGI) the Argyle Diamond Analytics mathematical program precisely calculates the current market value.

How much has my pink diamond increased in value?

Argyle Diamond Analytics annual profit report will give you the exact price increase, in percentages on your exact diamond. Based on historical Argyle mine quarterly allocation price increases. Allowing you to forecast potential future growth.