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Why Invest?

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Rare Coloured Diamonds Today

Supply and Demand

Financial analysts forecast that the demand for pink diamonds will exceed the global supply of these precious gems. As a result, prices will dramatically increase, providing opportunities for outsized long-term gains.

Strong Performance

For the past 11 years, data shows that pink diamonds have outperformed most other investment assets. In fact, pink diamonds have appreciated by a simple average of 30.6% per year with a total average growth of 367%!

Wealth Preservation

Pink diamonds can be transported across the globe or handed over from one generation to the next in a breeze. And this is no surprise. Pink diamonds are the most discrete hard asset you can own.


A well-diversified investment portfolio reduces the risks associated with market volatility. Cross-asset correlation has almost doubled in the past 10 years while pink diamonds have experienced none of this.


Argyle pink diamonds are becoming a favourite among SMSF investors. Thanks to their consistent increasing prices and low volatility.

Currency Hedge

Diamonds are always priced in US dollars, providing a natural hedge against the falling and weakening Australian dollar.

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