Natural Colour Purplish Pink Diamonds

Why some diamonds are coloured, how they form and why they’re a great investment option

Natural coloured diamonds (also known as fancy coloured diamonds) can come as a surprise to many – most people are far more familiar with colourless or champagne diamonds. 

As rare as the well-known colourless variety are, natural coloured diamonds are far less common – only 1 diamond in 10,000 has a noticeable colour. Diamonds can come in a dazzling array of beautiful shades that span the spectrum from deep blue diamonds, lush green, bright yellows and sunset oranges – all the way through to the ultra-coveted red and vivid pink diamonds.

Between the spectrum of red and pink exists a special category: natural colour purplish pink diamonds. These diamonds are not only breathtaking in their aesthetic sparkling beauty, they’re also incredibly rare and coveted by collectors and investors around the globe. 

How do purplish pink diamonds get their colour?

Purple and purplish pink diamonds all belong to the category of diamonds called fancy coloured diamonds. These diamonds range from blue to yellow, to orange to pink, purple and red. There are a myriad of shades in between this that some may be familiar with – champagne diamonds and deep brown diamonds can also be stunning.

These diamonds usually get their colour from the impurities and minerals in the soil and their environment, and other embedded substances. Scientists and gemologists theorise that these minerals give a diamond its defining colour from yellow to brown, to green, blue and even black. However, the deep and vivid hues seen in pink and purplish pink diamonds are rare and also exceptionally mysterious. The science on this issue even today is still unsure how pink diamonds get their distinctive colour. Some believe that the pink colouration comes from light refracting from the misaligned carbon lattice of the stone, while others argue it has far more to do with the exact minerals present or pressure exerted whilst the diamond is forming.

These subtle misalignments may cause the visible light to refract in a manner that the pink colour is scattered inside the stone. It will, in turn, give the gem its pink colour and also its brilliance. However, this theory is still under research, and there is still no definitive explanation about how pink diamonds get their colour. 

Many would argue that the ongoing mystery of their birth and existence is yet one more thing that makes them valuable and creates appeal.

We all feel the same awe-inspiring moment whenever we see a real-life pink diamond. It is a gemstone that is worth more than most people’s annual salary, yet these stones are in very much demand today. 

Why are purplish pink diamonds unique?

The value and preciousness of purplish pink diamonds is entirely based on their rarity. According to statistics, only 0.01% of all diamonds are regarded as fancy and vivid pink. This extreme level of rarity makes this kind of stones extremely valuable, especially in the diamond and investment market today. In most cases, pink and purplish pink diamonds are more expensive than bright, brilliant diamonds. 

Aside from this, the colour purple has been linked to wealth and royalty since ancient times. Only kings and those of high nobility could afford anything with a purple hue – not unlike diamonds with purplish-pink tints. These diamonds are so rare that with the supply of these stones diminishing, the price for these stones is travelling exponentially upwards. For now, the prices on some investment quality pink diamonds are still within reach for those with a modest amount of savings – get in contact with the expert diamond team at Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd to find out how you can get started on your journey.

Only buy certified diamonds

Because of the growing demand for fancy and vivid coloured diamonds, some people have started to make these stones artificially. Some scientists have managed to create diamonds in labs through processes that mimic how diamonds are formed in nature. Synthetic diamonds serve a purpose – they create a way for people to access beautiful gems for jewelry purposes that would be otherwise out of reach for most. However, there are certainly some unscrupulous people selling synthetic diamonds to unsuspecting clients as the real thing. This is why It is so important to go through verified channels, experienced businesses and most importantly – certified diamonds.

It is for this reason that buying certified diamonds is crucial, especially if you are opting to purchase a diamond for investment purposes. The GIA and Argyle mines provide certification on the quality and authenticity of the diamonds they produce. It is essential not to get hoodwinked by peddlers of artificial diamonds posing as the real thing. 

Is there a supply crisis for coloured diamonds?

The diamond market is solely based on the performance of the mines where these precious stones are extracted. At the moment, there are a few places on Earth where you can find pink diamonds: mines in Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and Australia all are sources of pink diamonds. However, it is in the Argyle mines in Western Australia that most of the pink diamonds on the market come from. With this mine set to close in 2021, there is certainly going to be steep contraction in pink and coloured diamond supply.

The effect of this closure will be felt throughout the diamond and investment market worldwide, as the leading supplier of pink diamonds will finally close its mines. It is for this reason that pink and purple diamonds are in more demand than ever, especially with many forecasting that prices will soar immensely after the closure. So, if you are planning to buy a purplish pink diamond – you can’t do it soon enough.  

Are purplish pink diamonds a good investment?

While it is never a bad time to make smart investments and examine your financial strategy long term – the last decade has certainly tossed many of us some unprecedented financial challenges that make safe, non-stock option investments very attractive.

Market stocks do rise and fall, and tend to be particularly sensitive to global events, consumer sentiment and a number of other frequently fluctuating variables. It is always remarked on during a financial crisis that many people move their money into gold, silver and other minerals. They do this for the same reason that investing in pink diamonds a hugely clever choice – the supply is finite and the product cannot be changed by consumer opinion or value. The value of a finite, rare and arguably beautiful natural anomaly like a pink diamond will only ever continue on an upward trend.

While some may choose to set their investment in jewelry as a way of getting the most joy out of it, others feel more secure with their diamond kept safe in a security vault. No matter how you intend to make use of your investment diamond – Argyle Diamond Investments Pty Ltd has more than 30 years of diamond expertise to help guide you through all your options from information, selection, purchase, transport and secure storage. Give our team a call today to talk about how you can get started on the smartest investment choice you can make.

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