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One of the biggest challenges we face in life is finding out what we are here to accomplish – or in the words of more than one famous motivational guru – clarity of purpose. 

Napolean Hill (of Think and Grow Rich fame) defines this as the one quality that we must possess if we are to achieve success.  Tony Robbins identifies clarity as power and Frederick Nietzche, stated “He who has the why can endure the how.”   

It’s one thing to know its importance, but how do we take our first steps on the journey to finding a clear purpose? Afterall, life in the 21st century constantly challenges us to manage the “chaos of distraction” with so many aspects of our lives craving attention; housework (never-ending), paid work, family, study and the most demanding of all – social media! 

How hard is it to resist the temptation of just one more text or tweet, even though most don’t add any value whatsoever to our cluttered lives?

Although motivators differ in their approach to finding clarity, most of their strategies contain common elements such as removing clutter, identifying what matters, seeking professional help and experimenting with what works for you. 

Clarity allows you to live a life with less anxiety and confusion, but it requires commitment to get there (there’s the “c” word again).  It is similar with investing.

With so many investment experts, financial advisors and advice forums to choose from its difficult for the average investor to cut through the noise (domestic or international equities, ETFs or indexed funds, gold or platinum as future hedge?). 

It’s hard not be distracted and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and who has the time to really analyse what markets are doing anyway?  We have issues we can’t control like trade wars, Brexit, ever lower interest rates, automation and globalisation impacting investment markets as well.

Pink Diamonds: Clarity - Pink Diamonds

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