Pink Diamonds: Simplicity


One of the most important advantages of investing in Argyle Pink diamonds is that they significantly reduce the complexity of the investment process and therefore the time and cost required to manage your investment.  This in turn, means that you will have less day to day concerns and retain a higher percentage of the capital growth of the asset, if you sell them at a future date.


By contrast, when you think about the elements of successful real estate investment, there are dozens of factors that you need to consider before purchasing a given property.  Some of these include:


  • The condition and age of the property (determines the maintenance required and depreciation you can claim)
  • Proximity to amenities such as public transport, shopping centres, education facilities and major roadways
  • Who manages your property (whether you do it yourself or appoint a property manager)
  • Council zoning laws (which are important if you wish to redevelop the site)
  • Capital growth rates for comparative properties in the area and,
  • Finding a tenant that is suitable to occupy your investment.


On top of this you may also have to pay for annual pest control, smoke alarm checks and maintenance, fence repair, air-conditioning service and replacement and repair and painting of walls, floors and cupboards.  Everybody knows how well gyprock walls in the modern home don’t hold up to the rigours of daily family life!


By contrast, Argyle Pink Diamonds provide a discrete, hassle free, safe and highly attractive alternative that is not only beautiful to look at but also stores easily, requires zero maintenance and has a proven track record of significant and consistent capital appreciation.


Argyle Diamond Investments are pink diamond experts with over 30 year’s experience in providing exceptional quality stones at exceptional wholesale prices.   We guarantee that we will be there for every step of your pink diamond journey, to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your investment decision.


Here at Argyle Diamond Investments, we can guarantee “extraordinary diamonds for exceptional prices!”

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