Pink Diamonds: The World’s Fastest Growing Hard Asset

People have been using gold and diamonds as investments for centuries, but the foundation of the Argyle Diamond mines revolutionised the asset industry. Australia boasts the most and best pink diamonds in the world. Pink Diamonds is the best performing hard asset over the last 10 years. Averaging 13.8%  growth per year, pink diamonds

In this article, we’ll examine pink diamonds as assets.

Why Should You Invest?

When we discuss investments, it’s common to bring up stock and properties. However, those are not the only investment opportunities that are available, nor are they necessarily the best. When comparing pink diamonds to more fickle forms of investment, such as stocks, it becomes visible that the world of diamonds is worth joining.

Investment Strength and Stability

Unlike many other investments, the pink diamond is not easily affected by external environments. A rough financial period will not degrade the value of the pink diamond, and things like property bubbles simply don’t exist for the luxury stone.

This is all because there is a strength in the pink diamond. It stands alone from other factors, making it a reliable investment. After all, in the last decade, the value of the pink diamond has increased by over 300%, and experts predict that this growth will continue.

Increasing Demand

There is only one place where the pink diamond is reliably sourced, and that is the Argyle Diamond mines in Western Australia. (Link to blog post 5) Due to this, demand for the pink diamond is always high, without enough products being produced to meet this demand. It is likely that, considering both the rarity of the stone and the fact that the mines are said to be closing early 2019, this demand will never be fully met.

Demand means that prices will continue to rise as people will seek after the pink diamond, making it a worthwhile investment. Not only will the diamond increase in value as the years continue, but it will also be easily sold – which is a vital factor for making a profit.

How to Invest

As with any other investment, there are several factors to consider.


Some cuts will be timelessly popular and will be easier to sell than other, less well-known cuts. For this reason, it is recommended that investors choose the elegant round brilliant cut as it is loved by many, giving them the knowledge that they will be able to sell it when the time comes.

Pink Diamonds


The brilliance of the pink diamond resides in its colour. When you are choosing pink diamonds as an investment, take the time to truly consider this. Some colour combinations will be rarer than others, making the diamond even more of a rarity.

Overall, choose a bright, dazzling stone. After all, that is what the pink diamond is famously known for.

Pink Diamonds

Carat Weight

Choose the largest weight your budget can afford you – the heavier the diamond, the more it will sell for later. It is recommended to buy one heavier stone as opposed to two, smaller stones.

Pink Diamond Investments Pty Ltd  

Here at Argyle Diamond Investments, we understand pink diamonds. If you have any questions about this article or about pink diamonds, or if you would be interested in purchasing a pink diamond, feel free to contact us, either online or via 02 4927 0000.

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