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Argyle Diamond Analytics™ exclusive to Argyle Diamond Investments is the world’s only data-driven evaluating system purposely designed to statistically evaluate the rarity, value and financial growth of all Argyle certified Pink and Blue Diamonds.

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Selling or Reselling your pink diamond Investment

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Demand is high and supply is extremely low. As per the basic rules of economics, this makes a Pink Diamond from the Argyle diamond mine a very sound investment. When it comes to reselling, the profit is all in the original buying price.
Consider this… if you were to purchase a pink diamond at retail price from a jeweller or broker, the higher price will mean you will potentially have to hold onto your investment for twice as long to see a return profit.

Purchasing from Argyle Diamond Investment allows you to pay a wholesale price for your pink diamond. This is the same price a retail jeweller pays.

When it comes time to resell your investment here are the main options to consider, but keep in mind that in general you will only receive back the current market wholesale price at the time of sale.

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With the confirmed 2020 closure of the Australian Argyle diamond mine, leading world experts estimate that over the next few years, the annual wholesale price will surpass the documented historical annual price increases of diamonds from the Argyle diamond mine. In the past 11 years Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond prices have increased by 367%, making them one of the fastest growing hard assets in the World Today. (PWC)

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