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Unique Colours Causes in Pink Diamonds

The unique colours in diamonds are caused by different trace minerals. Depending on the origin of the stones, certain minerals are more present – therefore increasing the presence of specific colours.

In Yellow Diamonds, the colour is caused by large amounts of Nitrogen. For Blue Diamonds, the colour is caused by Boron. Purple or Violet Diamonds get their colours from increased Hydrogen while Green Diamonds appear green due to exposure to atomic radiation.

The cause of the Pink Diamond colour still remains a mystery. Scientific evidence has shown that Pink Diamonds contain high pressure graining which results in a compressed internal structure and that is thought to be the origin of the colour. Within the industry, this is referred to as ‘Plastic Deformation,’ which occurs during the crystal growth.

As a result of the increased pressure, it is extremely difficult to find an Argyle Pink diamond with a high clarity grade. In fact, most Natural Pink Diamonds often contain pink internal graining lines or surface graining lines within the stone’s structure. The average clarity grade of an Argyle pink diamond is I1.

Getting Started Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

Why You Should Invest in Pink Diamonds

With the confirmed 2020 closure of the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, leading world experts estimate that over the next few years, the annual wholesale price will surpass the documented historical annual price increases of Argyle diamonds. In the past 11 years Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond prices have increased by 367%, making them one of the fastest growing hard assets in the World Today. (PWC)

Getting Started

Getting Started Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

Step 1: Education

Argyle Diamond Investments will educate you step by step with everything you need to know about investing in an Argyle Pink diamond.Argyle Diamond Investments will educate you step by step with everything you need to know about investing in an Argyle Pink diamond.

Getting Started Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

Step 2. Sourcing Your Diamonds

We are NOT a brokers or resellers! You are sourcing your pink diamond direct from one of the Argyle diamond mine allocations. Saving you the cost of cutting out the middle man!

Getting Started Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

Step 3. Your Investment Diamond

Once you have selected a diamond that best matches your criteria, we will give you a formal proposal containing all the relevant information of your diamond. On approval, we will then send the diamond / diamonds for final valuation / appraisal.

Getting Started Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

Step 4. Verification and Appraisal

For Argyle Diamond Investments, quality is paramount. We submit every diamond acquired to the Gemmology Association of Australian (GSL) for secondary provenance and quality verification as well as the Australian valuers councils and actioners and valuers council representative IGL for market valuation. GSL is the only government endorsed diamond laboratory in Australia working closely with Australian customs, the federal and state police force.

Getting Started Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

Step 5. Delivery, Storage, and Insurance

For your peace of mind and comfort, we can also organise secured Storage and Insurance for your investment through one of our high-security deposit firms, Custodian Vaults (Sydney), Fortis Vaults (Melbourne) or Reserve Vault (Queensland). We can also arrange a FREE delivery service to securely bring your diamond direct to you if you choose to store it yourself.

Selling your Diamond, Getting Started Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

Step 6. Selling Your Diamond

Time to turn a profit? Argyle Diamond Investments will assist you every step of the way — from marketing all or part of your diamond portfolio to identifying the most profitable route to market. Whether you’re a first-time or regular investor, Argyle Diamond Investments is committed to educating our clients with the latest information and market prices. We will provide you with all the tools you need to understand Argyle Pink diamonds and their growing benefits.


High-Security Third Party Storage

Argyle Diamond Investments partners with the country’s top high-security deposit storage firms to safeguard your priceless investment.

Full Liability Insurance

For your complete peace of mind, our storage partners do not only safeguard your diamonds. They also provide a full liability insurance underwritten by one of the top insurance companies in the industry.

Annual Accounting Reports

Again, our storage partners go beyond safeguarding your precious investments by providing you with audit documents tailored to meet the needs of your auditor or financial advisor. They will maintain all the necessary documents reflecting the evidence of your diamond investments that are under their care.

Annual Valuation Reports

Argyle Diamond Investments will provide an annual valuation report of your holdings as required by your SMSF.

Argyle Pink Diamond Investments

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