Pink Diamonds For Superannuation Funds

Buying and storing diamonds for your SMSF has never been this easy and convenient. Thanks to Argyle Diamond Investments.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are great ways to save up for your retirement. And rare coloured diamonds are one of the allowable investment vehicles that you can add to your portfolio.

Here at Argyle Diamond Investments, we don’t only don’t look for your diamond, we also arrange for third-party storage, insurance, and valuation services to give you the impeccable service you deserve.

High-Security Third Party Storage

Argyle Diamond Investments partners with the country’s top high-security deposit diamond storage firms, Guardian Vaults and Reserve Vault to safeguard your priceless investment.

Full Liability Insurance

For your complete peace of mind, our storage partner does not only safeguard your diamond. They also provide a full liability insurance underwritten by one of the top insurance companies in the industry. At your request, we can issue a certificate of insurance in the name of your superannuation fund.

Annual Accounting Reports

Again, our storage partner goes beyond safeguarding your precious investments by providing you with audit documents tailored to meet the needs of your auditor or financial advisor. They can maintain all the necessary documents reflecting the evidence of your diamond investments that are under their care.

Annual Valuation Reports

Argyle Diamond Investments will provide an annual valuation report of your holdings as required by your SMSF.